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Askja 30 Duffle



With the Askja 30 Duffle we have rethought the tail bag. Instead of bringing another tail roller to the market, we have developed a hybrid of top case and soft tail rollbag…. The “Enduro Soft TopCase”


Our Askja 30 Duffle is ready for your next adventure!

  • Waterproof
  • Innovative
  • Hand luggage size for aircraft
  • Backpack function
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Who doesn’t know this, you arrive home or at your accommodation after a long day of driving and have to carry all your luggage to your room. Often, this requires several walks.

ot with the ASKJA 30 DUFFLE, because it is designed so that you can not only carry as a backpack and thus has the hands for other things free, but he comes with a luggage net with which helmet, gloves and other dinge can be stowed. It also has a hook on the backpack strap to attach the tank bag to it. So you can now carry his complete Equipment with only one walk into the room.

Our thoughts while designing rear luggage was combining the pro’s of a standard top case with the good of soft luggage.
So the idea of a soft top case was born. In time of bike traveling and sharing your adventures with the world of social media cameras, drones and photography stuff is now part of every riding luggage.

We wanted to make sure so create a safe space for this kind of valuable stuff, while making it as light as possible.
You have easy accessibility when opening the zipper of the top cover and every stays in place while riding.
Adding removable separation divider makes the bag as versatile as you need.
It fit’s to your personal needs. We have reinforced inlay to keep the bag in shape.

For the photo freaks there will be offered a foam insert which is exactly the size of the bag and to be removed partly to fit cameras, objectives and drones. This part is made from a company who’s just designing anti vibration foams for all kind of uses.

The waterproof t-zipper makes sure to keep your gear completely dry and dust-proof.

Weight of Askja 30 Duffle is 2,6kg and capacity is 30 Litre.

If your leaving the bike for camping or a hike, you can easy unpack the stashed backpack-straps from the bottom of the duffle and of you go.

The duffle has the exact hand luggage size to also fit for flight to ride trips.
For better visibility we added some reflective stripes and as well for expandability we use an Molle panel on top and on the back of the bag. It’s perfectly for mounting a first aid kit, so in case of emergency its visible and easy to pull off.

The 4 eyelets on the top cover fit the included cargo net to fix your helmet when leaving the bike, so you don’t have to carry in hand.


Foam insert is optional and perfect for DSLR’s and drones or other delicate items

Additional information

Weight 2,6 kg
Dimensions 48 × 32 × 32 cm



TPU & Hypalon


High Quality Waterproof Zipper with T-shape Puller






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