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Named after a volcano in Iceland (ASKJA), after over a year of development, several 1000km test drives, in all weather conditions, crash tests, break tests and much more, it is finally ready... The ASKJA 34 Side Pannier goes into production!

These side panniers are packed with ingenious features that make this product special and make it your most loyal companion.

Capabilities on the outside:
- "The Shield" The shield not only protects the main bag body, but also your valuables in the pannier. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of wet or dirty things that you do not want to carry inside the bag, to attach to the outside. In addition, 4 eyelets are attached to the main bag body, so that you can secure the valuables even better. Also a small pocket on the inside of the shield is convenient to stow, for example, a cable lock.

- on the top of ASKJA 34 is a CNC milled and black anodized bar, this is intended for closing and securing the bag with a cable lock. As a small highlight it also carries our #EATMYDUST logo.

- FIDLOCK Buckles, as you can easily see we have tried to equip the bag with top current products. Therefore, we rely on the magnetic closures from Fidlock. These not only look great and are extremely easy to close and open, they are also extremely robust!

- M.O.L.L.E. system, these days this should not be missing from any motorcycle bag. MOLLE simply offers a variety of ways to attach other accessories, such as our MicroBag or FirstAid Kit, but also many other options.

- F.Q.R.S. this stands for "Flex Quick Release System" and this refers to the holder system. Because this is not only quick to assemble and offers the possibility in seconds to attach or remove the bag but we have developed this together with an engineer to protect the rear frame of your bike in case of a hard crash. The mounting system is designed to yield in extreme impacts and thus absorb the resulting impact. Of course, all parts are individually replaceable and the bag will certainly survive this.

- Corner protector (optional accessory). As an accessory for ASKJA 34 there is a corner protector that is easy to attach, weighs little but effectively protects your bag from damage in a fall.

Capabilities inside the bag:
- ASKJA 34 is equipped with a 34 liter drybag that keeps the contents dry whether you're riding in heavy rain, through a river crossing, or even crashing into the water.

- There are 3 inner pockets designed to insert PE reinforcements, making the bag semi-rigid. These can also be ideally used as a hiding place for documents or the like.


Product Information

Here you will find the last information like dimensions and materials that will be used.

The set consists of 2 Side Panniers including holder

>>> EMD 10 Year Warranty <<<

- The warranty is valid from the original date of purchase.

- Only by the original purchaser of the product incl. invoice. 

- Warranty covers material and/or construction defects, including seams, seam tape, zippers, stitching and construction materials.

- Warranty does not cover damage caused by (normal) wear and tear, drop damage, accidental damage, tears, abrasion, chemical or fuel damage, UV degradation, improper use or neglect.

- Normal wear/tear refers to the reasonable and practical expected life of the product in use. If something is used extensively, it may naturally wear out and this may happen before the warranty period expires.

Size or Dimensions

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40cm wide
42cm high
20cm deep

3,9kg per bag


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Main Bag:
- 1680d ballistiv nylon
- Hypalon
- Ripstop nylon
- 720d TPU
- FIDLOCK Buckles
- CNC Aluminum Locking Bar

Inner Bag:
- 720d TPU

Mounting System:
- Carbon fiber reinforced HD plastic
- Stainless Steel
- suitable for 16-18mm pipe diameter.
(A special holder for SW-Moteck Pannier Racks follows).