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Covid hit all of us hard. No freedom. No border crossings.
Nobody was prepared for this.

I’m still alone struggling with the difficulties everyone has to face.
Trying to keep all costs quite low and wait until the situation clears out I had a lot of time to think about the next steps.

The adventure bike segment became bigger. A lot of big bike brands push new models on the market and companies face to push a lot harder to design parts, develop crashbars, skid plates and luggage racks for every new bike.
In times of quarantine regulations and closed borders it was really hard to switch to over the air communication for the developing process.

Every step was even harder, then the last one.

But once you figured out it became more easy.

The amount of products reduced from a lot of riding gear to more bike specific parts for Offroad use. The focus was durability and functionality.

Every product was then tested even harder to be named ‚good‘.
Bikes came and gone.

From just selling stuff we also offered the possibility to visit the showroom for mounting service and as well did some bike build.

It all started with the release of the new Tenere 700. The whole world waited almost 3 year since the first pictures of the prototype build.

The aftermarket industry increased so we decided to to a little bike build to use it as a show bike for trade shows.
And this was the result of all the work we’ve done.
Time to eat some dust…

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