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New Onboard

It all started early in 2020 when I left my job because I needed some changes in my life and met a guy who offered me a part time job selling motorcycle parts.
I started as distributor for outback motortek and my step from only riding motorcycle to join motorcycle business began.

It became more and more, because demand on motorcycle parts increased in order of covid pandemic spread and motorcycle traveling became more common.

I tried to combine two jobs and spending time with my adorable little daughter but I didn’t work out. I quit my main job and I opened my own sales shop named „Bikes Peak“.
I started kind of part time but it became full time sooner then I accepted it to go.

Still I was still riding bike and testing new products the amount of brands and parts became more and more.
I enlarged from bike parts to riding gear and luggage.

Some products gained a permanent place in the store like Camel ADV, Perun Moto.

My aim to first try out gear first before taking them into sales went out.
The claim to the products I’m selling is that I really stand behind the stuff im selling.
I’m not just selling parts, I wanted them to be high quality and really hold what they promise.

Through all the bike I was riding and all the parts I bought for my own bikes I learned one thing.
There is nothing worse then spending a lot money on a part that don’t pay off in daily use or while riding Offroad.

The passion for Offroad riding was growing and the products should all last this high stressed situations. The more new products came into sales some others left the showroom.

That the way it goes.

There will always be change….

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