EMD Why “Eat My Dust”?

Why “Eat My Dust”?

Why did I name my brand “Eat My Dust”? Do I want to provoke with it? Do I want to challenge someone with it?

The answer is clearly NO!

Behind “Eat My Dust” is nothing more or less than the story of how I became an adventure bike rider.

In the first years of my motorcycle career I only rode naked bikes or sport bikes, because the big travel bikes are for old people… At least that’s what I thought… until my friends came back from an Eastern European enduro tour on their Africa Twins and Teneres. The pictures, videos and, above all, the very aspirational motorcycles that still had the dirt of adventure on them made me want to experience this adventure too. That same week I sold my Kawasaki Z800 and bought a Triumph Tiger 800XC and only a short time later I set off on my first trips.

The name “Eat My Dust” is all about tasting our adventure dust and discovering the adventurer in you. That’s why the slogan “Taste the Dust of Adventure” will also be found on some of our products from 2024.

What are you waiting for? Find the adventurer in you too!

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