EMD The thing with the LockBlock

The thing with the LockBlock

As some of you may have noticed, we had a mounting system with adapter plate in the beginning, but then two things happened….
Some interested parties wrote to us saying that you really like our Askja 34 Side Paniers, but an adapter plate on the Pannier Rack is not an option. The other point was the accusation that despite completely different functionality, our adapter plate looked very similar to that of another manufacturer. So we listened to your wish for a mounting system without adapter plate and went to work to develop a new one.

But there was still a small problem… We had already received some PreOrders and didn’t want to make our customers wait unnecessarily longer, so we came up with a locking system which should only serve as a temporary solution. But already during the delivery we realized that we broke our own founding resolution “NO COMPROMISES”. So we reconsidered and came up with a completely new, unique and uncompromising locking system, the LockBlock.

Probably our LockBlock is one of the most expensive locking systems to produce, CNC machined from aluminum, ball bearing mechanism and lockable…. It also provides an eyelet that serves as a third locking point for our LockingBone on the roll top of the bag, thus ASKJA 34 Side Pannier is secured against the offenner of the bag and the removal of the Pannier Rack by unauthorized.Now don’t panic if you already own an ASKJA 34 Side Pannier set, because we have also decided to provide an update warrenty to all customers of the V1 version. This means that if we make any changes to the Side Panniers that affect the function or stability, you will receive these parts completely free of charge from us. (V1 to V2)

Isn’t that much too expensive for us? Well, actually it is… but we are aware that our products will not be bug free and we need you as a community and your feedback to really bring ASKJA 34 Side Pannier to an uncompromising version over time.Be part of this community, be part of a project, be part of the EMD family…. See you soon Thomas from EMD

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